What We Do

Opera del Espacio began as a collective of performing artists and designers focused on site-specific work in order to reveal new possibilities in public spaces by physically responding to the environment. Informed by Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, we begin with the architectural definitions of the space and then incorporate the symbolic, associative and emotional responses to the space. The initial exploration of the outdoor or indoor space often begins with quotidian movement and shape then expands into a shared group vocabulary. Purposely brought to the community to create a live, interactive and re-envisioned experience, our goal has been to challenge our audiences to reevaluate the way they view the world around them. Over time, we have expanded to creating new interdisciplinary works that are further developed outside of the spaces where they were first generated, presenting unique site-generated performances.

Prior works and performances include: I’ve Fallen/Clap Off! at Highways Performance Space; The Way Of Water by Caridad Svich at Cal State LA, Bootleg Theatre, Cal Poly Pomona, Hollywood Fringe 2012 and South Coast Rep’s SCRamble, May 2013; Meet Me @ Metro II and III (2011 & 2012) produced by Watts Village Theatre Company; Space: The Final Frontierpresented at SOSE as part of the Company Creation Festival 2013; multiple site-specific performances at the Downtown Art Walk, Brewery Art Walk, Echo Park Art Walk, The Series at the Standard and more.

And, although this work is created out of the postmodern aesthetics of deconstructionism and minimalism, the work is intended for the audience to be accessible, interesting, entertaining and often, interactive.

Below is a link to a great article about the power of ensemble theatres in general:

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